3 ways to wear the sweatshirt
you won't want to take off

Hello world, meet the Crosby and Crosby Crop!  The sweatshirt that feels softer than your most comfortable pajamas but can be styled to be worn pretty much anywhere (it still works great on your couch though)!

Casual Weekend:

Of course we love her the most paired with your favorite ripped up jeans.  You know, the ones that are so worn that you run the risk of ripping a hole and exposing your underwear every time you cheer at your kid's soccer game.  Or if your jeans are at the tailor being repaired, the Crosby goes perfectly with our new (coming soon!) surf pant. 



Paired with a high waisted trouser and some oxfords for a day at the office.  You can pretend you're still binging on Netflix as you plow though your inbox Monday morning. No judgment here if you choose to sleep in it that night and wear it again Tuesday... just throw on a blazer and no one at work will be the wiser.  

Friends Night Out:

Slip our Crosby on over (or under) your favorite jumper or dress to stay cozy for a lunch/dinner out with friends. It is the perfect layering piece!!

No matter how you wear it, we guarantee it will be the coziest piece in your wardrobe this season!