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Hey, we’re LONGWAY and we’re hosting a campaign to help us expand our coffee seating and offerings. 

Contribute to our campaign here!

We didn’t mean to open a coffee shop, which is the best part of it all. We just simply wanted to make use of the space under the stairs in the back and when trying to imagine what it could be, a secret coffee house was just something that wouldn't leave my brain. And, it was selfish, really, because I longed for a really good cappuccino.  The intent of the space was a very simple but well done coffee house that would provide shoppers with a little extra treat while they were in the store. Never did we think this tiny coffee shop would become the driving force of the whole space.

But, what a gift it has been to see the coffee shop grow legs of its own. It really brings so much joy to see the community this tiny, hidden coffee shop has created. And, although it was visioned as an afterthought, it really is lovely to see it grow and resonate with people in such a real way. 

The video explains more (we know the video is not perfect but we tried our best and is a great way to hear the whole picture) of how I stood in the way of growth for a long time, mainly because I was too stubborn to let it grow. You see, LONGWAY is actually my clothing label that I design and produce ethically here is San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Peru-- a mainly D to C brand that has deeper roots non locally. And, the shop was born as the clothing brand's flagship with coffee only being added later after we stopped teaching textile arts in the back. But it turns out that the community loves the cafe and it is time to step back and give it the space it needs.

The money we raise will help tremendously in the buildout and permitting of the expansion-- plumbing and tiling and electrical and fixtures and furniture and permits.. new machines and vessels. All of this is so exciting, every detail thought about thoroughly. But, very taxing financially without investors or capital. 


So, here we are.

I am so grateful that over the years our community has offered help at different times and really appreciate every single person who reached out during Covid and our break-in offering support. Until now, I have been hesitant to accept. But, now with the realities of costs I decided to launch this Kickstarter to accept help with it all and have sweet little gifts for your contributions set up. (and deals if you are a daily customer- like coffee for a year at a discount!)

We are excited about this growth- adding seating and a better ordering system in the front of the store where we won't be hidden in the back. Plus, we are expanding our menu to have some more bites, protein smoothies, and more drinks like a lavender latte.


Contribute to our campaign here!

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