Introducing Faces of Neve & Hawk

Introducing Faces of Neve & Hawk

I have rewritten this introductory post for this new series numerous times. I keep telling myself to be short and concise so I don't lose any of you while reading. The truth is, it is hard to be concise when the weight of this new series is heavier than you can explain, when it comes from a place in your soul so deep words do not do it justice.

If you follow our journey, you probably know that living in this world is a challenge for us at many moments. It is a constant struggle for us to not only promote consumerism but make a living doing so. It is a challenge for us to contribute to a social media driven world, a world we find inauthentic and even harmful at times--a world that worries us deeply for its promotions of false expectations and standards in all of our lives. 

Being in this world and being a part of its inauthentic nature eats at our souls and is the catalyst for many discussions about whether we should throw in the towel with this whole thing. I am sure many small makers and brands also struggle with this as I am sure we are not alone in this hardship. In fact, I have spoken with many who feel the exact same way.

So why do we make clothing, something that needs to be marketed and promoted and relies on sales and social media to stay afloat if we do not personally want to live in a marketed, fake, ultra consumer-based world? 

My answer always is the same--we make clothing and live this brand because we not only love the design and production and the art behind every stitch, but we also firmly believe in making a product ethically and with integrity. And, if we stop that because of our fear of promoting a life in which we do not believe, we let the bigger fast fashion giants win. We let social media win. 

So we stay and we find ways to stay vulnerable, transparent and real. We look at other makers and brands who are trying to forge their path in this world for inspiration. We dig deep to find our own ways to add to this world in the positive, possibly even bringing people together--a little piece of good, a little speck of pure,  that when next to other specks of good become a real thing, a force we hope can change some of these platforms for the better.

This is our speck. This is our pure. This is our piece. 

Introducing FACES OF NEVE & HAWK, a series centered around our real customers--real humans living real lives filled with real joy and real pain, real triumphs and real struggles--real people that keep us alive and cheer us on along the way.