A Guide to Small Business Saturday

We love our town. And we love to support small business. So, we rounded up a rundown of the stores/restaurants/goodness in San Anselmo as a guide for you for Small Business Saturday.

Food and Restaurants:


  • San Anselmo Optometry- a great selection of glasses and the nicest humans. 
  • Wink Optics- what a selection of hard to find glasses brands and sunglasses. Wonderful people and great vibe.
  • Eden Day Spa- I got a facial here and it was heaven. They are knowledgeable and wonderful.
  • Stamina Fitness- a cult favorite for fitness with the nicest owners on the planet.
  • Ross Valley Crossfit - another cult favorite, and for good reason. RVC gets results and builds community in such a special way.
  • Marin Power Yoga- this place is a dream, in fitness and in staff. The owners build community in a way that makes us cry. So thankful for them.
  • Pilates ProWorks San Anselmo- great place to get your sweat on. They love to work you (in the best way).
  • Lumina Optometry- very helpful and friendly people serving Marin for many many years.


Hair Salons: (So many great ones to make you feel and look your best)
    • Dollface Beauty - such a great spot for brows, lashes & make-up
    • Whiplash- specializing in lash extensions and owned by a super rad human, Lacey. She is amazing at her craft.
Art Galleries:
    • Desta Gallery - incredibly well curated contemporary art gallery.
    • Artists Within - one of our favorites - supporting Cedars by selling Cedar artists & craftspeople items

Family & Home:

  • Julie Neil Home + Design- Julie brings such a great selection of home-goods to the avenue. A talented designer & stager with a mean eye, we are lucky to have her.
  • Dogville- such a great pet store with a super thoughtful selection of the best goods for your animal friends. Staysea is wonderful and has pioneered retail in our town with passion.
  • Wild Minimalist- a zero waste store that is incredibly thoughtful in everything they offer. They do the research to make it easier for us to have a smaller footprint. 
  • Fig Garden- so many great things here. Gifts galore and incredible clothing.
  • Town Books- what a great addition to our town. Always a great selection for such an incredible price.
  • Heldfond Book Gallery Ltd- beautiful rare and classic book collections!
  • Whytes Booksmith- new, old, used, classic, and beautiful books! Seriously something for every reader of any age. such a staple in the town.
  • Susan's Store Room- you will walk in and just stare. treasures every gosh darn direction. for all ages.



  • Georgi and Willow - second hand goods from Goodwill that have been curated for us.
  • SeeSaw Children’s Consignment- one of our favorite stores. An insanely good collection of items used and new for kids. And the owner, Anna, is the best human on the planet.
  • Gioia Boutique- a great selection of women's items that is beautifully curated. Gioia has been on the avenue for years and her style is amazing.
  • Sidekicks- filled with some of our favorite brands, Sidekicks has a wonderful selection of clothing & accessories. Pam, the owner, is a dream.
  • Sax- one of the best consignment stores we have ever seen, Sax is always filled with insane treasures that are thoughtfully curated.
  • Kismet- we will take one of everything please! Kismet is filled with great current brands and is always on the mark, thanks to owner Erica.
  • Chadwick’s of London- lingerie and sleepwear that you will love.
  • Be One With- another designer, Be One With is a collection of their own handmade bags as well as clothing and accessories from other small makers. Super duper well done.
  • Beach House Style- such great finds in this store. Incredible clothing, accessories and home-goods. You could go in and come out with three truckloads of items, each one perfect.
  • Blanc- out of this world clothing that is incredibly well made. Mostly from Europe & Japan, everything is just so gorgeous. I get so inspired in this store and often find myself studying each piece. 
  • Marin Power Yoga: the shop- an extension of our beloved MPY where you can buy their branded goods as well as workout wear from others, including Alo & Lululemon. Incredibly great items. And, once again, the best people.

Writing this merchant spotlight was such a great reminder to us of all the good in our town. We hope it is a reminder for you, too. 

Please support your amazing local merchants this holiday season and throughout the year!