YIELD | 4 oz HAND SANITIZER | lemongrass & jasmine

YIELD | 4 oz HAND SANITIZER | lemongrass & jasmine


An essential, non-drying alcohol formulation that blends hydrating coconut oil with fast acting sanitizer to cleanse hands when fresh water is unavailable. Actually smells good! Shake well before use. Available in three sizes, 1oz, 4oz and 10oz Refill.

Spray vs Gel Benefits:
We specifically formulated this sanitizer as a spray application to ensure you get the most out of your product. Spray sanitizers deliver up to 15-20 times more uses than gel with the same efficacy.

Hydrating Coconut Oil
Soothing Cypress Oil
Kills 99.9% Of Germs
Fresh scent
~375+ sprays per ounce
Fine Mist
Reusable, recyclable glass vial

How to Use:
Shake to mix bottle, then spray onto dry hands as needed, coating evenly. Rub into skin and allow to evaporate before handling objects.

Aroma Options:
Bergamot + Chamomile
Lemongrass + Jasmine
Unscented Hypoallergenic

Clean Ingredients:
70% Ethyl Alcohol.
Distilled Water.
Plant-based Glycerin.
Coconut Oil.
Essential oil and fragrance oil blend.