Before there was Neve, or Hawk, there was me and Bob.

Before there was Neve, or Hawk, there was me and Bob. We spent the early part of our marriage setting up camp off the South Carolina coastline, talking about the day we’d quit our day jobs and earn a living making stuff. Then came our daughter, Neve, and three years later, our son, Shepard Hawk. Bringing people into the world, turns out, is a bigger motivator to follow our hearts than anything we’d experienced before.

So we did. We turned the master bedroom into a screen print press. We’d put the babies to bed and retreat to our in-house art studio with a bottle of wine and a good playlist. We sewed, illustrated, burned screens, mixed ink, and pressed T-shirts. In the hours between 8 and midnight, the children tended to their dreams, and we tended to ours.

Many t-shirts, years and a third baby later we’re still at it, in a slightly bigger space. Come visit! But be warned, two of the babies are no longer asleep. In fact, they’re the ones running your card.

neve & hawk

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Come visit!