Our Story

Hi, We are Longway.

We are a woman-owned brand based out of the San Francisco Bay Area by Kris Galmarini. We ethically and sustainably produce clothing in California and Peru.

Why Longway you may ask? Because it's our favorite way to go. It’s the road with more curves, but also more thought - where a difference can be made and adventures found. It’s about celebrating the slow and cheering on the process and people behind each item we design and produce or even with the products we carry in our flagship. In garments, yes, but also in art, travel and life.

We're here online but you can also come visit us in San Anselmo, CA at our Flagship space where we feature our brand, a coffee shop, and other artists and designers who share our same beliefs of slow, ethical, and sustainable production.

our process

we produce our clothing ethically in san francisco, los angeles + peru

We are committed to always keeping the environment and the talented individuals behind each garment our top priority and promise to always work towards a better tomorrow for both- making sure our partners are paid a fair wage and our facilities use the utmost care from farmers to fabric to finished product.

behind the scenes

production in peru

Celebrate the slow


we believe in slower life in all ways. our craft we believe in the people behind it, environment impact, and ethical production and celebrating people we work with.


commitment to others about our processes and we are always learning and improving and will always work to strive and grow with our values (constantly). we promise not to be complacent in our journey to make the cleanest clothes we can.


we believe not only in supporting artists and slow makers in our community but also building relationships as a whole with the people around us.