CELEBRATE the slow.

When it comes to personal style, we want you to forget everything you’ve seen.

Why? Because so far, most of what the world has shown you has been designed for the masses and made in places you’ve never heard of.

Our world looks nothing like that. We design each garment from scratch and work with manufacturing partners we know by name, treat fairly, and occasionally communicate with via strategically composed emojis.

I still cut fabric, Bob still draws graphics, and together, we hold a view of childhood that bypasses picket fences and finds its focus in the wild…in canopied groves and pebbled creeks, grassy hilltops and sprawling beaches.

We are a brand that wants to inspire families to feed their adventurous and creative spirit.

We believe in designing for families. Real ones. Like ours. And yours. We believe the front of a dress can double as a pouch for collecting sand dollars. And that blackberry stains add character. We believe that if a t-shirt makes a statement, it should speak the truth. Because let’s face it, the person inside the shirt would certainly do nothing less. In a sea of big business apparel, we believe creativity is something to fight for.

Longway - Celebrate the slow

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