A site for our community to buy and sell directly with one another.


Is it work if we love doing it?


We screen print all our super soft t-shirts by hand in a home studio converted from what used to be our master bedroom. Our process is collaborative: we come up with and execute the designs together. Bob does most of the screen printing, Kris sews, and our kids, Neve and Shep, hang out and provide inspiration.

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    We are constantly creating new designs. Visit the online store and see our collection. BROWSE...

  • neve / hawk

    neve / hawk is our first full collection. Born out of the realization that fear needs to be set aside and dreams need to be chased, neve / hawk is the next step in our clothing endeavor. VISIT OUR FULL LINE


All of our pieces are designed to live long lives and outlast trends. By offering our own re-sale marketplace,
our customers now have the option to buy and sell their pieces, both like-new and old, directly with other
members of our community. This helps to minimize clothing waste, extend the garments life cycle, and help
our pieces find new loving homes. We hope this program benefits our customers and earth alike!



List your item(s)! You'll get an email once your listings has been approved. If your looking to buy, shop styles new and old!


All payment will be handled through Paypal Goods and Services. Plus, the sale is protected by Paypal Buyer protection.


A shipping label is autogenerated after a sale is made. The seller will ship the garment directly to your door!

What clothes can I sell?

You can sell your LONGWAY or neve & hawk pieces on the platform! They must be in good/wearable shape. If they are damaged at all, please be sure to specify in description and images.

We do not accept customized or heavily altered pieces, screen-print tees, or hats and accesorries.

Who pays for shipping?

The customer pays for shipping during checkout. A shipping label is autogenerated and shared directly with the seller.

All shipments are sent through the USPS.

Are there any fees or costs associated?

Yes! re-mint charges a 10% transaction fee to sell clothing through their platform.

There are no other costs or fees.

What if I don't remember the name or price of the piece?

Send us an email at howdy@longwaycalifornia.com! We would be happy to help you figure out any details about the piece you are looking to sell.

Need help? Have more questions?

Our platform is powered by re-mint - Reach out to help@re-mint.com.

Or, visit re-mint for more information on FAQ's and how it works.