Our brand, is our family.

We are Longway. Celebrate the slow.

We used to be called neve & hawk. Before there was Neve, or Hawk, there was me and Bob. We spent the early part of our marriage setting up camp off the South Carolina coastline, talking about the day we’d quit our day jobs and earn a living making stuff. Then came our daughter, Neve, and three years later, our son, Shepard Hawk. Bringing people into the world, turns out, is a bigger motivator to follow our hearts than anything we’d experienced before.

So we did. We turned the master bedroom into a screen print press. We’d put the babies to bed and retreat to our in-house art studio with a bottle of wine and a good playlist. We sewed, illustrated, burned screens, mixed ink, and pressed T-shirts. In the hours between 8 and midnight, the children tended to their dreams, and we tended to ours.

Many t-shirts, kid's clothes, years, a move to the West Coast, and a third baby later we’re still at it, in a slightly bigger space at a slightly higher capacity. Most things remain the same but many things have changed.

In the same way that our family has evolved, so has our brand. We design and produce women's and men's clothing in California and Peru.

We celebrate slow creation. The people who make things and ideas. The people who spend their lives imagining and dreaming in the same way that we do. We look to take the road with more curves, but also more thought - where a difference can be made and adventures found.

Cheering on the process and people behind each item we make and carry. In garments, yes, but also in art, travel and life.

So while our name, team, and location has changed, our values, spirit and goals remain the same.

We're here online but also in San Anselmo, CA in our Flagship space where we fearture our brand, a coffee shop, and other artists and designers who share our same beliefs of slow, ethical, and sustainable production. Come visit us!
Longway - Celebrate the slow