It's still us, but better.

Yup, in the midst of a year full of change, we made a pretty big one ourselves. 

While it may seem very sudden to most, it's not. This is something that has been in the works for a while. In fact, we wanted the name a few years ago and were advised not to use it due to copyright issues. So instead, we used it for our rental in Folly Beach, SC because we loved it so much.

And then, because something had to go right this year, the copyright block went under and it was meant to be. Truthfully, it feels like the right time to take that leap and evolve our brand in a direction that is more meaningful and true to who we are today. I mean, what better time to make a life-changing decision than in the middle of a shit-show, right? If this time has taught us anything it is to just go for it. Don’t wait. Do what feels right.

So, here we are. 

Why Longway you may ask? Because it’s our favorite way to go. It’s the road with more curves, but also more thought - where a difference can be made and adventures found. It’s about celebrating the slow (our new tagline, btw wink wink) and cheering on the process and people behind each item we make and carry. In garments, yes, but also in art, travel and life. So while our name has changed, our values, spirit and goals remain the same.

Hi, we are  L O N G W A Y.  And, we are excited to grow with you.

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