Q: Tell us about yourself? What do you do, where are you from, and where do you live? All that good stuff...

A: I’m a mom to a lively 2.5 year old boy, Tucker, a Creative and Marketing Director at a local shoe company in San Francisco! I’m from Washington, DC originally but I’ve lived in North Carolina, Boston, New York, LA, and finally home—San Francisco.


Q: You are ⅓ of Mohinders. Can you tell us about this brand and your role inside of it?

A. We focus on making shoes that last and are for everyday wear. They kind of solve all wardrobe woes and act as the missing link….you can slip them on easily to run an errand to the grocery store but they can also be worn to formal events like weddings. They’re rooted in old design traditions but reworked with a more modern feel for durability and longevity.

Q: You are also such a talented artist by trade - your jewelry work is stunning (we used to carry at our shop!) and you have a creative core - tell us about your personal creative work and what you are up to these days in this realm…

A: Oh wow, thank you! That’s a major compliment coming from you. I took a pause from creating jewelry when I was pregnant and focussed on my job as a creative director at Mohinders. When making jewelry became more of a tedious task than a real joy, I paused and started doing projects for myself instead. I became obsessed with watercoloring, I made several mobiles, I cut copper and oxidized it and made a giant wall hanging for myself. I honestly feel more creative now than I ever have. That might be because of having a young kiddo and being around my partner’s kiddo. It’s just fun to do projects without any expectations. We made a cardboard birdhouse the other day. I find myself doing that kind of stuff way more than “serious” projects and I couldn’t be happier.


Q: You are a single mama to the cutest 2 year old, Tucker. Tell us about him.

A: Ah! He’s a fluffy ball of blonde fun and love. He’s wildly outgoing but also sensitive and tender. He’s a champion cuddler which I hope never ever stops. He’s weirdly athletic for a tiny guy, too. When he was 1.5, he was charging ramps at the skatepark on his scooter. He’s fascinated by big kids and follows their lead, and he’s enamored with babies. It’s the cutest thing. Lately everything that is cute is “so tiny.” He says something hysterical and ridiculous every other second so I’ve made a point to keep a journal of his little Tucker-isms so I can share them at his wedding :)

Q: Finding time to get it all done as a working mother is an impossible thing. How do you navigate full time work, your personal creative endeavors and life with a toddler?

A: If I don’t exercise, I’m pretty worthless. Now that I live in Marin, I am mountain biking a lot and running, too.  As long as I set aside time for myself to be active, my schedule doesn’t feel so insurmountable because my brain feels a lot less messy..That said, I still feel like a total hot mess but I am pretty sure that comes with the territory of being a toddler mom, or maybe just an adult human? I have a great support system too—a wonderful partner and great girlfriends, and I work for a company that truly values work/life balance.

Q: What brought you to San Francisco?

A: I was living in Los Angeles as a jewelry designer at the time and came to San Francisco for West Coast Craft. I fell in love with the community, the weather, and the access to mind-bogglingly beautiful nature and everything from surfing to skiing. I am from the east coast so I value seasons. Not that we really have seasons, but we have something kind of like it. That goes a long way for me!


Q: You are incredibly active - love to surf, body board, run… How do these activities shape your world?

A: Oh my gosh, I love using my body and I suppose I can become somewhat of an addictive sporter. It’s just fun for me to be outside and challenge myself. I played so many sports growing up and I think I miss being on a team. I never really let that go and being active is just sort of a part of me at this point. It’s also a nice way to quiet down and re-charge at the same time.

Q: Tell us how COVID has affected your life and work… both in hard and inspiring ways.

A: It’s been so hard not to see friends and family in far away places. I miss seeing them and sharing our lives with one another in the same space. That has been so tough. My parents haven’t seen their grandson much over the last 2 years which makes me sad. I have been challenged, in a beautiful way, to enjoy where I am and who I am spending time with. Time seems more precious and I think that alone is a real gift. 


Q: Is there any driving philosophy that you have that gets you through the day or during challenging times?

A: A few words come to mind—mantras I have been telling myself and trying to incorporate more into my physical and emotional life—stay present, practice acceptance, and be patient.

Q: Is there anything you feel vulnerable about as a woman or individual?  If so, would you mind sharing?

A: I ask myself all the time if I am doing enough. I think this is something women feel immense pressure about that is perpetuated by gender-norms and the gender gap.

Q: How do you practice self care or treat yourself?

A: Self care is more than just drinking water and having a good skin care routine (which I try to do and have definitely focussed more on as I get older!) Self care is treating yourself with kindness and acceptance, and everyone in your orbit with respect, openness, compassion, and empathy.

Q: What is your go-to outfit day to day? Does what you are wearing in terms of style or comfort affect your daily life/work?

A: Jeans and more jeans. Mohinders Slides, Blundstones when it’s chilly, a fitted t-shirt, and a cozy sweater. Ya know, Bay Area fashion. I am trying to dress more feminine though! Taking recommendations for tops that aren’t t-shirts….! I dress the way I feel which I guess is kind of like a teenage boy sometimes, which I suppose is a good thing. I don’t care if I get dirty, my shoes are comfortable, I can bounce around with kiddos in whatever I put on, and I appreciate a well-lived-in vibe.

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