Our beautiful HAND KNIT collection contains some of the most special pieces we have ever produced. From the sourcing of the yarn to the makers behind each garment, we want to take a moment to highlight the incredible people and processes behind this new collection.

As some of the first pieces in our LONGWAY CRAFTED collection, these sweaters are produced by the hands of real humans in limited quantities – taking hours and hours for each piece – making them all incredibly special and truly one-of-a-kind.

hand knit
The cotton for this collection is grown on the Southern Coast of Peru in the Department of Chincha. Once picked, it is made into yarn that is handed off to the talented makers at a hand-knit facility in Matucana, Peru in the foothills of the Andes. Owned by a young couple, this production facility employs mostly women and young mothers and gives them the ability to work with their children in tow. A way to make an income and provide for their families while enjoying the community of other makers. Each hand-knit item takes about a week to produce with about 4-5 people involved in the making of each piece.

The process, texture, and detail are the most special components of these pieces. We are so proud to work with humans who are passionate about creating and are able to make our designs come to life in the most gorgeous form possible. Because of the uniqueness and limited availability of each item, the sweaters will come with a numbered hang tag. That way you can see how special your piece is – a reminder of the hands that knit the piece as their children played beside them.

hand knit

By purchasing a hand-knit sweater, you are paying a bit more than you would for some of our other products – a reflection of the time and energy put into each piece from start to finish. We believe in paying a fair wage to everyone involved and while this process may be long, it is filled with so much care and love.

We hope you can see the detail and love in each piece when you purchase. We are so thrilled to bring them to you and so incredibly impressed with the humans behind them.


hand knithand knithand knit

Our HAND KNIT collection is launching on Thursday, August 18th:

The Bubble Sleeve Top, Crop Bubble Sleeve Top, Long Sleeve Bubble Top, and Hand Knit Tank - 3 colors (natural, almond, and black) in sizes 1, 2, and 3. We will also be launching our new Savannah Skirt as a pre-sale to accompany these new pieces.

The Bubble Sleeve Top $260
Crop Bubble Sleeve Top $255
Long Sleeve Bubble Top $340
Hand Knit Tank $155

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